I am a PhD Candidate at CE Wagner Lab, PiE at University of Wyoming. My research combines natural history observations, experimental manipulations, community ecology with genomic tools to examine the role ecological and evolutionary mechanisms play in shaping community diversity within fish biodiversity hotspots. For my PhD, I have identified putative drivers of elevated community diversity, explained interspecific variation in population genomic differentiation and tested a behavioral mechanism potentially promoting diversity accumulation within an adaptive radiation, focusing on the community diversity explosion found in Lake Tanganyika, East Africa. In addition to these research outcomes, my PhD project also allowed me to collect valuable biodiversity monitoring data used to inform community-based conservation strategies that benefit both people and nature.

Currently, I am looking for future research and teaching opportunities at the interface of integrative biodiversity science, education and collaborative conservation initiatives.


twitter: @memegb, email:  jgolcher[@]uwyo.edu, inaturalist: @jimenagb

To see a mini Youtube movie I made about my field work in Lake Tanganyika follow this link. Also check out this re-write of my natural history paper in Nature News & Views by @Fishguy_FHL and @SKruppert!