About Me

I am a member of the CE Wagner Lab, PiE Program in Ecology and Department of Botany at University of Wyoming.

My PhD advisor Dr.  Catherine E. Wagner and her collaborators, work in the Great Lakes of East Africa; particularly in Lake Tanganyika. I joined her lab in Fall, 2015 and since then have been studying the striking diversity of Lake Tanganyika’s cichlid fishes in the field and in the lab; seeking to combine both classic ecological theory with the study of speciation.

Broadly, I am interested in the ecological and evolutionary drivers of biodiversity and for my PhD, I plan on identifying actual mechanisms leading phenotypes to fit better in specific environments and therefore potentially explain present fish diversity patterns or predict future differentiation. The species-rich cichlid fish fauna found in Lake Tanganyika provides us with the unique opportunity to study the origins and maintenance of diversity within an adaptive radiation.

email:  jgolcher[@]uwyo.edu


twitter: @memegb

Check out this cool re-write of my most recent paper in Nature News & Views July 2019  by @Fishguy_FHL and @SKruppert!

To see a mini Youtube movie I made about my field work in Lake Tanganyika follow this link